A New Creation

An amazing thing happened today.   The fulfillment of a lifelong — no wait, make that four-year old dream.  My book, the one I authored, has been published.  I opened up the link the publisher sent me and there it sat, ready to be added to a curious browser’s shopping cart.   The most thrilling part to me was seeing my name emblazoned on the front cover.  That’s my name.  On a book!

cover wonderfully handcrafted by Megan Johnson (Johnson2Design.com)

I know having a book published is nothing like having a baby, but there are similarities.  I first got the contact information in December, about nine months ago.  After a few anxious months passed, including a bit of nausea at times, my book has arrived (minus the hours of painful labor on my part).  Though it doesn’t nearly reach the thrilling joy of bringing a child into the world, my excitement in my flagon of joy is bubbling over the brim.  My very own book has been published.

Reading and books have been a huge part of my family.  My mother taught me my several letters before I was two (perks of being the eldest child of a schoolteacher), and my voracious reader of a father read hundreds of books to my siblings and I in the years we lived at home.  From childhood stories about trains to classic novels from abiding authors, the thrill of words grows and deepens.   From blank sheets of lined paper to a paperback book — the circle is complete.   Thanks Mom, thanks Dad; this one is for you.

Thank you, Jesus.  The glory is all yours.

8 thoughts on “A New Creation

  1. So proud of you cousin!!! 🙂 I’m excited to read it- I’m such a book worm, and I know you did a great job!!! Congrats! (the link to Amazon is posted on my facebook also now- want to share your hard work with others!!!) Love you!

  2. You’re an amazing woman!! I’m so glad that you pursued this and finally got your book published. I’ve been reading your stories for years, and now I get to read one with cover art that is actually bound. It’ll be a strange experience, but I’m soooo happy for you. Can’t wait to get it autographed, and add it to my book collection.

  3. SO proud of you, Olive! I’m waiting for our copy in the mail. If it has to be fiction, I’m glad to see you writing INTELLIGENT fiction for our Lord. Yea! I’ve posted on my facebook as well. SO, can you tell us what you are working on next? 🙂

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