First off, “hello!” and welcome to my website. If you are one of the few people not of my family that reads this, I’ll introduce myself. My name is Olive, a name that had its heyday in 1896, a century (or so) before I was born. I’m a writer living in the exotic region of middle America. I’m a night owl with a day job who wishes she had more time to write, but finds a lot of her free time is spent perusing social media.

I’ve decided to use the “About Me” section to interview myself about writing.  These are the questions I’m asked most often, and also some other questions that I thought were important to bring up.

What made you want to write?

My mom got tired of listening to me tell her these off-the-wall stories I dreamed up and said, “Why don’t you write them down.” Probably finishing up “so I don’t have to hear them any more” in her head. (UNCONFIRMED!)

How long have you been writing?

Officially since 2004, but some of my stories have been in my head much, much longer. I should mention that even as a child, I was drawn to blank sheets of lined paper and pens. I wrote a song when I was about six. It was bad. We don’t mention it in our family.

Can I read one of your unpublished stories?

If I know you personally, maybe. I don’t like to give them out like candy, especially if they are not copyrighted.  If I don’t know you personally, probably not, unless you’re an agent holding a big, fat advance check!

So, are you writing anything right now?

That’s like asking me if I’m breathing. Yes.

What kind of stories do you like to write?

I am a woman. I have moods, and I have stories for every mood.

Are you going to get any of these stories published?

I didn’t think I’d get New Creation published! We’ll see what the Lord has for me in the future. I’m just writing because I like to write and it’s a good hobby.

When can we expect the sequel to New Creation to come out?

Never, probably. It has a good message (in my opinion), and the characters that I created for the story were for that message that I was trying to get across. While I may reference them as characters in other stories, I believe that their time as main characters are done.

How is the book selling?

There is only one answer an author will give to that question. Buy a copy! (Check Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Search by my name.)

Will it be available for my tablet or e-reader soon?

Yes! As of this year, you can now get New Creation on Kindle or Nook. Simply click on the link above, and find the Kindle or Nook edition.

What is the blog about?

Well, sometimes while I’m going about my day, something will be said or done, or I’ll think, “Wow, that ties in with a doctrine or a Bible verse!” Often, I’ll let people know by saying, “There’s a spiritual application in here somewhere.” Hence the blog.

There are a lot of blogs out there; many voices fill cyberspace. I don’t blog about recipes, travel, or politics, or sports, unless I can directly tie them into something that has a spiritual application. True, some of my first blog posts do not follow this rule, but I hope I have gotten better at sifting out those kernels that just didn’t quite pop.

Anything else we need to know about you?

Answering these questions is keeping me from my whatever story is at the forefront of my mind right now. I hope you’re happy!

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