Vessels of Honor

From my perusal of social media, I see that many American Christians have decided to wage war on a big, bad company that is trying to take Christ out of Christmas. Now, this company (I think we all the know the name, but it rhymes with Schmarbux) rakes in a gajillion dollars of Christians' money the … Continue reading Vessels of Honor

Pounding Heads & Bleeding Hearts

When I have a headache, I basically become an amoeba. If I'm not at home wrapped up in bed, then there's a good chance that I'm not wasting any energy on smiling or talking or ... anything. If I am at home, then I'm lying as still as a possom in the presence of its predator. … Continue reading Pounding Heads & Bleeding Hearts

Dead Bees and Deadbeats

Dead bees. All over the hives. Not what my friend expected when he went out to check on his beehives. Since beehiving was new to him, he called the man who gave him the hives to find out what in the world had gone wrong. (Number 1 - You chose to surround yourself with bees!) The … Continue reading Dead Bees and Deadbeats

what MA-tters

Last year something very special happened in our family. After years of waiting, my mother finally became a grandmother when my sister and her husband gave birth to the absolute cutest and most precious baby in the entire world. Yes, I am biased. No, I am not ashamed of that fact. Unfortunately, I live several … Continue reading what MA-tters

Like Mother…Like Daughter

In honor of mother's day, I've decided to use a illustration that my mom used several years ago while teaching youth at Bible club.  As I've mentioned on this blog before, my mother was the one that started my unstoppable habit of finding spiritual applications in every day things.  (So, if you're looking to blame … Continue reading Like Mother…Like Daughter

Football and Family Snuggles

Let me start out by saying that football is my favorite sport.  I didn't grow up watching it though.  My dad was not a football-watching father.  If he had been things might have been different in my life.  For one thing, I probably would have ended up as a Chicago Bears fan instead of a … Continue reading Football and Family Snuggles