Like Mother…Like Daughter

In honor of mother’s day, I’ve decided to use a illustration that my mom used several years ago while teaching youth at Bible club.  As I’ve mentioned on this blog before, my mother was the one that started my unstoppable habit of finding spiritual applications in every day things.  (So, if you’re looking to blame someone for my ramblings, she’s the one.)

One thing I appreciate about my mother is her ability to bring spiritual truths to an understandable level.  Maybe after I’ve been blogging a while, I’ll be able to do as well as she does.  Then again, she’s a professional teacher, and I’m just a writer.

Now to the spiritual application, told in my words…

When my father buys a new gadget or electronic, he won’t use it until he’s read the entire instruction book.  My mom, much like I do, picks up  the new phone or the camera and just starts using it.  How adventurous!  You’ll still be learning about neat options years into owning something.  Usually something you wish you’d known when you first bought it.

As my mother noted to her wide-eyed, eagerly listening junior highers (they’re so focused and self-controlled, aren’t they?), my father gets the most out of the things he buys because he reads the manual.  My mother and I only use things at their most basic level even though these items are programmed to be much more helpful.

Once the group understood the basic principle, Mom picked up the Bible and said, “This is the instruction book for believers.  You’ll get the most out of the Christian life if you read the manual.”

I don’t think need to add anything to that.  So I won’t.  I wish I could be that profoundly concise in my blogging.  Ah well, I’ve got a good teacher.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!  Thanks for sprinkling my life with spiritual applications from even the most insignificant seeming things.

I love you.

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