Dead Bees and Deadbeats

Dead bees. All over the hives. Not what my friend expected when he went out to check on his beehives. Since beehiving was new to him, he called the man who gave him the hives to find out what in the world had gone wrong. (Number 1 – You chose to surround yourself with bees!) The man was reassuring. “Oh, those are the drones. Once their job is done, they just die.”

Do you know what the purpose of the drone bee is? Impregnate the Queen Bee. (If you have little children reading this, you might want to give them a coloring book in case it gets inappropriate.) Yep, the drone bees are pretty much there to create little baby bees and then they die off. At least they can be thankful they are not Black Widows or Praying Mantises. In some Black Widow species the spider eats her baby daddy when they’re done mating. The Praying Mantis in captivity does the same. After the male Praying Mantis is done, the female eats him. Why not? He’s no longer needed and she needs food as she begins to create her eggs. It’s a tough life being an insect.

But God’s plan for people was so different, so much more beautiful. God created the family to be different than the dysfunctional functions of the animal kingdom. When a father is faithful to his wife, interested in the lives of his children, he is being an example of our Heavenly Father. I don’t blame men for feeling overwhelmed by the pressure to be monogamous, to be involved.

As someone once said, “You can have hobbies or children.”

What about the really agonizing sacrifices? Staying in loveless marriages so the kids have a secure home. Tackling mountains of adoption paperwork and spools of red tape waiting and praying for the day when their family can be whole. Living with the sorrow of a child living in the world…or in heaven.

Maybe it’s simply taking on a beehive so you have a project to do with your children while they’re still young.

On Sunday, we honor these men.

Happy Fathers’ Day.

*Also, I really, really, really wanted to fit a praying man vs praying mantis joke into this post, but didn’t. You’re welcome.

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