what MA-tters

Last year something very special happened in our family. After years of waiting, my mother finally became a grandmother when my sister and her husband gave birth to the absolute cutest and most precious baby in the entire world. Yes, I am biased. No, I am not ashamed of that fact.

Unfortunately, I live several long hours away from my nephew, so I mostly have to see him through pictures and videos. Yes, actually, I do look at and watch them every day. How did you guess?! Recently, a video was posted that was so precious, I had to get permission to use it with the spiritual application. (Thanks, Sis!)

The camera stays on the little guy while he interacts with his mother. You never see my sister in the video as it stays on my nephew, surrounded by his toys on the floor; however, based on his expressions, you can tell what she is doing.

When she is in the room, his eyes follow her around and he is animated, full of delightful baby squeals and little babbles. When she leaves the room, his face says it all. His smile fades, and his eyes lose the sparkle as he peers towards the stairs where his mother has disappeared. He picks up a toy or two, puts it down, and looks back, watching for her, waiting to see her again.

She re-enters the room. His face lights up, a smile breaks out and his eyes twinkle. Mommy’s back in the room! He smiles in a way that I swear he only smiles for her.

As I watch him interact with his mother that way, my mind looks towards his future. I pray that his attention will progress from pleasing his mother to pleasing Christ. That people can tell that he loves Christ by the expressions on his face. That even though they can’t see God, they’ll be drawn to Him by the relationship that they see my nephew has with the Lord. That he will realize that no matter what kind of earthly toys he may be surrounded by in this life, that they don’t hold a candle to that special relationship with the Son of God.

I pray that my nephew will never stop waiting for the return. Not the return of his mother from upstairs, but the return of His Savior from Heaven. I pray that my nephew will live a life that will find as much joy and delight in the return of the King as he has now for his mother.

To my sister on her first mother’s day, my mom, and all the godly mothers that have sacrificed in order to show Christ to their children, I say, Happy Mother’s Day and may your children rise up and call you blessed.

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