Semantical Clause

It's Christmastime! Which means that it's time for bloggers and tweeters and Facebook posters to make sure the world knows where they stand on Christmas terminology. So naturally I had to jump in and share my opinion about the egregious misuse of holiday phrases that I see about this time and I want to give … Continue reading Semantical Clause

Get In the Way

Roads are pretty spiritual things. I like maps and roads. Sometimes, I just want to get on a road and drive it to see where it ends up - especially US Highways or Interstates. I mean, just stand on an Interstate and think that it will go past a variety of landforms and through many … Continue reading Get In the Way

what MA-tters

Last year something very special happened in our family. After years of waiting, my mother finally became a grandmother when my sister and her husband gave birth to the absolute cutest and most precious baby in the entire world. Yes, I am biased. No, I am not ashamed of that fact. Unfortunately, I live several … Continue reading what MA-tters

The Tree

Once upon a time there lived a man and his son.  They were both strong-willed and outspoken.  They often argued as the son grew into adulthood. One day, they had an argument that became a shouting match.  At the end, the son screamed that he hated his father and that he never wanted to see … Continue reading The Tree