Frankly, this makes sense.

Frankincense.  The eau de Temple.  An sweetly aromatic scent, frankincense was used for the incense in the temple.  Isn’t that neat that it references Jesus’ role as priest, and not just any priest, the High Priest.

Old Testament refresher! The High priest was in charge, once a year, of bringing the blood of the sacrifices to the Mercy Seat of the altar.

Sometimes I wonder what Mary must have felt “pondering all these things in her heart,” as it were. I’m not sure how much Joseph and Mary fully understood Jesus’ role on earth as priest. Did they realize that as Great High Priest, Jesus, had to die?  Not just die, shed his blood in a gruesome, violent death.  Then again, how fully did Adam and Eve realize when God slew the animal to cover their nakedness with skins what was coming in the future?  Not only is God the great High Priest, but the first High Priest.

Jesus came to be the mediator to God for man.  Just as the High Priest was the go between once a year by sprinkling the blood on the Mercy seat while the odor of Frankincense filled the Holy Place.  Ah Frankincense.  A sweet aroma, but not as sweet as the incense of the prayers of the saints  that now fill the temple of God because of the sinless sacrifice of Jesus.


You can read the first part of this three part series here. Next week, we’ll look at Myrrh.

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