A Heart of Gold

I was thinking that I should probably have some blog posts for the Christmas season.  After all, since I have all my Christmas shopping done, and oh wait, that was my alter ego talking.  Silly me.  It's not really Christmas shopping until you're ready to cry from frustration at all the people in the stores … Continue reading A Heart of Gold

Dance in October

Two scenes: Scene 1:  A man and woman standing in shame, holding haphazardly sewn fig leaves over their naked bodies.  Around them slithers the devil-indwelt snake listening to God pronouncing judgment on their sin.  The first prophecy God speaks is to the Devil, his voice ringing through the garden of Eden.  "And I will put … Continue reading Dance in October

Happy Snooze Year

Ah, New Year's Eve.  As a child, there's nothing more exciting than the thrill of staying awake for the turning of the year.  That's why analog clocks were invented...so you can watch each second tick away the hour from 11 pm to MIDNIGHT!! Milestone years are the most fun.  The year I anticipated as a … Continue reading Happy Snooze Year

Let Men Their Songs Employ

Christmas Day rapidly approaches. What is Christmas really about? Today, I gathered with a few co-workers who took a few minutes from their day to sing Christmas carols, accompanied by a Cajón drum and a guitar.  I had only stopped by to see what was going on and decided to stay as I found that … Continue reading Let Men Their Songs Employ

Carol of the Silver Jingle Bells

Hark, the herald angels sing, "How great our joy to the world.  For unto us a Child is born once in Royal David's city.  He came upon a midnight clear while shepherds watched their flocks on a silent night, o holy night." "What child is this away in a manger, Angels We Have Heard on … Continue reading Carol of the Silver Jingle Bells