There’s an “App” for that.

How quickly did that phrase enter popular vocabulary.   When iPhones first became popular, you couldn’t do anything without someone quipping, “There’s an app for that.”   Granted, I have tuned a violin to an iPhone application, so I guess there’s a reason the statement pervades the culture.

Perceptive readers will notice how the above phrase resembles the tagline of my blog, “There’s a spiritual application in here somewhere.”  A wise person once told me that everything can be related to the spiritual realm of Christ and the God of the Scriptures.   I don’t exactly remember the example they gave at the time, but since then barely a week goes by that something doesn’t happen that I don’t think, “Hey, you know what?  I’ve thought of a spiritual application for that.”

I’ve thought of spiritual applications while picking raspberries, installing a sump pump to keep a basement from flooding, and in all sorts of other ways and places.   In New Creation, one of my favorite excerpts is a dialogue between Esmerelda and Sean concerning their own recognition of a spiritual application.  It takes place on page 64, and every time I read it, it convicts and encourages me.    (You’ll have to buy a copy and read it for yourself, I’m not writing out the whole thing here).

There are probably more spiritual applications in New Creation or this blog that a reader could find, but I’d rather they went to the source.  The one book that gives the best spiritual application remains the Bible.   The great Master of rooting spiritual apps in the simple duties of life (like planting and harvesting) was Jesus Christ Himself.   He used parables to teach spiritual truths to those who wanted to find them, separating the masses wowed by His popularity from the disciples awed by His Person.   My humble story is nothing on par with the Holy Scriptures.   The goal of New Creation as a book is simple, get people thinking like the Bible.  Reading the Bible to do that is best.

If you pick up a copy of New Creation and enjoy reading it, great!  But I hope you find an even greater enjoyment in finding those small events in life that bring to mind deeper truths about God and His Son.  The Holy Spirit will help you out more than an iPhone will, because you know what, there’s no app for that.

2 thoughts on “There’s an “App” for that.

  1. There is a spiritual application in there somewhere! If your aim and focus is to point people to the God of Scripture, then this is a very good start. Looking forward to the next work published, either online or in hardcopy!

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