Ascending into Heaven

Wright Brothers first flight in Kitty Hawk, 1903

The Wright Brothers were not the first to put an engine on an aircraft and call it a plane. What was more important to the fate of human travel, was their plan...

Ringbearer or Firebearer?

"A corner learns to live alone." This was in a statement to the press recently, a brilliant defensive coordinator answering questions about a struggling cornerback. In football, the cornerback is required to cover the wide receiver, keep them from catching passes.  Because they're often "on an island" with their receiver, they can't always rely on … Continue reading Ringbearer or Firebearer?

Breakfast of Champions

They called her Wheaties. When she served in volleyball, the ball would rocket past the opponents' court.  Her volleyball coaches told her, "Control the power!" When she played tennis, she would fire the bright yellow sphere onto the asphalt behind the white line that marked "in."  "Placement over power!" the tennis teacher would say with … Continue reading Breakfast of Champions

There’s an “App” for that.

How quickly did that phrase enter popular vocabulary.   When iPhones first became popular, you couldn't do anything without someone quipping, "There's an app for that."   Granted, I have tuned a violin to an iPhone application, so I guess there's a reason the statement pervades the culture. Perceptive readers will notice how the above phrase resembles … Continue reading There’s an “App” for that.