From Seedling to Mighty Oak

Recently, I promoted New Creation at a book fair. It took a week to be ready. I made bookmarks. Bought a stand for a sign. Printed a price sign. Paid the entry fee. Bought candy to set on the table. Left the house at 8:30 am and got back home at 9 pm. Sold one book. Spring … Continue reading From Seedling to Mighty Oak

To Write the Love of God

Today I am celebrating the five-year anniversary of my first book being published! Writing has been my most important source of finding spiritual applications, so I thought I'd share just a few that I've learned throughout my five years since I've been published and the eleven years I've been writing. In no particular order... People that bought … Continue reading To Write the Love of God

It Happened One Night

I still remember that horrifying day in December of 2008. I spent the evening in my room, typing away on a fictional story that I absolutely loved.  In fact, of the 69 stories on my computer, this one quickly became a favorite.  I enjoyed the characters; I thought the plot flowed.  I was either just … Continue reading It Happened One Night

A Matter of Life and Death

I enjoy autumn.  I've decided that I enjoy it as much as I do spring.  I think it is how they enter the year.  Spring melts into summer, much like fall glides into winter.  With spring and fall though, there's that snap, that noticeable change.  That moment when you walk outside and say, "It's spring!"  … Continue reading A Matter of Life and Death

There’s an “App” for that.

How quickly did that phrase enter popular vocabulary.   When iPhones first became popular, you couldn't do anything without someone quipping, "There's an app for that."   Granted, I have tuned a violin to an iPhone application, so I guess there's a reason the statement pervades the culture. Perceptive readers will notice how the above phrase resembles … Continue reading There’s an “App” for that.

A New Creation

An amazing thing happened today.   The fulfillment of a lifelong -- no wait, make that four-year old dream.  My book, the one I authored, has been published.  I opened up the link the publisher sent me and there it sat, ready to be added to a curious browser's shopping cart.   The most thrilling part to … Continue reading A New Creation