I’m one of those people that other people shake their heads at and say, “only you, Olive.”  ‘Course, everybody has those moments when you just think, “What are the chances that this would happen to me?  Oh, right, these things always happen to me!”  Like that guy that was struck by lightening seven times.  Talk about chances of that happening.*   Someone is looking out for that guy.

Back to my story.  Today was the weekly staff meeting for my Christian organization, and we pray corporately for our coworkers. Each week two departments are featured and my department was one of the “lucky” ones today.  Yeah!  So, the PowerPoint slide pops up on the screen with the names of each person in the department, and at the bottom of my department’s column there’s a teeny-tiny black smear on the slide.  Except it’s not a smear.  It’s my name.  Everyone else’s name was in your standard 36 pt. Arial font (or whatever), except mine, which was probably size 5.  Seriously unreadable.  When the names had been enlarged to a useful size, I was left small.  Well played, slideshow creator, well played.

Don’t weep for me though; save your Kleenex for allergy season.  Because, my friends, I don’t believe such typecasting happens with God.

“I’ll write Charles Spurgeon’s name in Helvetica Neue, 72 point font in the Lamb’s Book of Life because he’ll be a great defender of the faith and influential preacher of the gospel,” (Said by God… never.)

I won’t get to heaven and have God flipping through the pages going, “Where did I write you now?  Oh, you’re on the page of 7 pt Comic Sans.  It’s all that worrying and pride I knew you would struggle with.”  (Also never said by God.  He knows I prefer Lucida Handwriting for that casual look, anyway.)

This is the God that said, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” (Galatians 3:28, ESV).  There aren’t 7 point Christians vying for the Lord’s attention against the 100 point powerhouses of the faith.  God wouldn’t be God if He had to prioritize us.  He is able to handle the problems of all His children, from persecuted martyrs and Bible defenders to little ol’ me.  To God, we’re all Trebuchet MS type, font size 700,000,000,000!   That Someone is indeed looking out for us.

* http://www.coolthingsworld.com/the-7-most-bizarrely-unlucky-people-who-ever-lived/

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