Putty and Pearls

Are you the kind of person that enters a house and within a few minutes you are checking the door casings to see how well they are puttied? No? I am. I worked as a new residential homes painter while in high school, on the prep team. We would putty, caulk, sand, and basically get … Continue reading Putty and Pearls

“Getting to know all about you.” PT 2

Hey, do you want to know my favorite movie?  Yeah, me too.   I don't have just one favorite movie.  Same with songs.  People that say "Oh my favorite song is..." I just don't get.  It depends on my mood, on what I'm doing, on how the day's been.  I also don't have a favorite … Continue reading “Getting to know all about you.” PT 2


I'm one of those people that other people shake their heads at and say, "only you, Olive."  'Course, everybody has those moments when you just think, "What are the chances that this would happen to me?  Oh, right, these things always happen to me!"  Like that guy that was struck by lightening seven times.  Talk … Continue reading Type-casted