Corporate Cleromancy

To preface this post, I have to explain a little bit of my special working system.  In order to focus, whether on work, cleaning, or writing, I have to use a number system. I give different projects or tasks a number between one and ten; I have ten slips of paper with a number on … Continue reading Corporate Cleromancy

Lip-Syncing Cowboys

When I was about 19 and my brother 14, we performed karaoke to the song "Christian Cowboy" for a New Years Eve Party.  We had people clapping along and I think I even heard a "Yee-haw!"  We went all out with the denim and the cowboy hats.  We were totally...lip-syncing.  Yep.  Oh, and the hat … Continue reading Lip-Syncing Cowboys


I'm one of those people that other people shake their heads at and say, "only you, Olive."  'Course, everybody has those moments when you just think, "What are the chances that this would happen to me?  Oh, right, these things always happen to me!"  Like that guy that was struck by lightening seven times.  Talk … Continue reading Type-casted

Let Men Their Songs Employ

Christmas Day rapidly approaches. What is Christmas really about? Today, I gathered with a few co-workers who took a few minutes from their day to sing Christmas carols, accompanied by a Cajón drum and a guitar.  I had only stopped by to see what was going on and decided to stay as I found that … Continue reading Let Men Their Songs Employ

Pout Or Pray

Okay, I'll admit it, I rarely pray for my work.  I thrive on challenges and being busy,  so if something is stressful, prayer is the second option after a deep breath.  ("I know I raised her better than this," I hear my mother weeping.) Monday, my status message said that I planned on having a … Continue reading Pout Or Pray