“Getting to know all about you.” PT 2

Hey, do you want to know my favorite movie?  Yeah, me too.   I don't have just one favorite movie.  Same with songs.  People that say "Oh my favorite song is..." I just don't get.  It depends on my mood, on what I'm doing, on how the day's been.  I also don't have a favorite … Continue reading “Getting to know all about you.” PT 2

“Getting to know you…” PT 1

"I didn't know you played the violin." I'm not sure why this statement, said to me by acquaintances, is usually uttered in a surprised tone of voice. They could say, "You play the violin?" No. It's usually, "I didn't know you played the violin!" Well no, I didn't tell you. The subject never came up … Continue reading “Getting to know you…” PT 1

Breakfast of Champions

They called her Wheaties. When she served in volleyball, the ball would rocket past the opponents' court.  Her volleyball coaches told her, "Control the power!" When she played tennis, she would fire the bright yellow sphere onto the asphalt behind the white line that marked "in."  "Placement over power!" the tennis teacher would say with … Continue reading Breakfast of Champions

Garden of the God

I wonder if God put Adam in the Garden to tend it because gardening, landscaping, and working with plants is one of the best ways to come up with spiritual applications for things. Gardening isn't something I enjoy.  Just put down grass and spray weedkiller and that's my idea of a landscaping.  Although tulips are … Continue reading Garden of the God

Sanctification on a Schwinn

My aunt and I used to go biking a lot. We've biked back country gravel roads and paved suburban pathways, hilly river terrain and flat farmland byways.  We've biked until our legs couldn't even hold us up when we got off the bike to rest.  (When we first started biking, that point was after a … Continue reading Sanctification on a Schwinn

Natural Beauty

I have been to 48 of the 50 United States, and someday hope to add the last two (Alaska and Hawaii, as you probably guessed) eventually.  I am always so amazed and grateful at the variety of land formations, and scenery, and geography in America. I look at the beautiful mountain vistas and think "Wow! … Continue reading Natural Beauty

Body & Bureaucracy

Church and Football.  Besides both being traditionally held on Sunday, do they have any other similarities?  Read on... For those that don't like football, or have been living under a rock, you may not be as fully versed with the Saga of Tim Tebow.  One of the greatest college football quarterbacks ever, Tim Tebow is … Continue reading Body & Bureaucracy