“Getting to know you…” PT 1

“I didn’t know you played the violin.” I’m not sure why this statement, said to me by acquaintances, is usually uttered in a surprised tone of voice. They could say, “You play the violin?” No. It’s usually, “I didn’t know you played the violin!”

Well no, I didn’t tell you. The subject never came up and it’s a bit awkward working that knowledge into a first introduction.

“Hi, I’m Olive. Oh, if you see me walking around with a violin case, it’s not a weapon, it’s a violin. I play it.”

No, usually the fact that I am able to make sounds upon the strings (and not very good ones), tends not to come out until people know me better. Why shouldn’t it? Isn’t a relationship built on time? I could give you a running list of facts about me, but unless we spend time together, that list of facts is about as helpful as a resume.

Time is necessary when getting to know God, as well. Without time spent in His word, all we’ll know are lists of facts. And even then, what good does knowing about Him do if we don’t experience life with Him in situations of all different kinds.

People I work with don’t know I play the violin. They don’t see me at Christmas playing with the Christmas orchestra at church. But I spend a lot of time with people at work. 40 hours a week, just about 50 weeks of the year. But my violin playing doesn’t come up in conversation much.

Neither we can’t put God into a “I get to know God on Sundays” box. “He likes raised hands when we sing and ten percent of my money.”

We have to see how Jehovah works in our lives in every situation. Are we attuned to watching God work things out in our jobs, in our schools? How about in our hobbies and free time?

But what about getting to know God through His word? As I was reading through Jeremiah, it popped into my head that I should stop reading the book with the mindset that I needed to get something out of it. Noble, but I would be much better served if I read it as a history lesson and a peek into the Being of God. What a freeing concept. He still can use the Word to convict me, but by learning more about Him, I am more in awe of who He is. I have a lot of catching up to do, because He knows me better than I do myself.

And yes, He knows that I play the violin.

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