From Seedling to Mighty Oak

Recently, I promoted New Creation at a book fair. It took a week to be ready. I made bookmarks. Bought a stand for a sign. Printed a price sign. Paid the entry fee. Bought candy to set on the table. Left the house at 8:30 am and got back home at 9 pm. Sold one book. Spring … Continue reading From Seedling to Mighty Oak


I walked a mile from my car and stood there for about 50 minutes, and by that time, my feet were hurting. Truthfully, if I'm disliking the pain in my feet after a 1 mile walk and a few minutes standing around, what makes me think I can run a marathon?

To Write the Love of God

Today I am celebrating the five-year anniversary of my first book being published! Writing has been my most important source of finding spiritual applications, so I thought I'd share just a few that I've learned throughout my five years since I've been published and the eleven years I've been writing. In no particular order... People that bought … Continue reading To Write the Love of God

Satan: over millions in bridges sold!

Sometimes I hate being a writer. Okay, sometimes I hate being a writer that attempts to be realistic. Some background -- I set a series of stories in a fictitious town in a very real American state. Because multiple stories trace the history and people of the town, it becomes a character as well. Therefore, I can't just … Continue reading Satan: over millions in bridges sold!

Truly Fictional

I've only thrown one book across the room in rage, but this book was about to be the second. I was reading a story that actually had me saying to the character "stop praying about this!" It was bad. One thing that frustrated me: making the characters sing "Happy Birthday" in a story that was set … Continue reading Truly Fictional