Ringbearer or Firebearer?

"A corner learns to live alone." This was in a statement to the press recently, a brilliant defensive coordinator answering questions about a struggling cornerback. In football, the cornerback is required to cover the wide receiver, keep them from catching passes.  Because they're often "on an island" with their receiver, they can't always rely on … Continue reading Ringbearer or Firebearer?

The A-way Team

"I know how you feel now being so far from your sports teams," my friend sympathized with me while we passed each other in the hall the other day. She was referring to the fact that we live in Chicago, but I am an unrepentant fan of Pittsburgh sports teams (and she is a fan … Continue reading The A-way Team

Sweating It Out

Biking.I love it. Exhausting, exhilarating, exhumable. Wait, I don't even think that's a word. Anyway, it's my favorite low impact activity.Last year, I spent a lot of time biking and one of the places to bike was a path near work. This wasn't one of those rails-to-trails paths. (You can read how I feel about … Continue reading Sweating It Out

The Grammar of Creation

It are National Grammar Day! (see what I did there?) The word "Grammar" is derived from the Greek "grammatikē technē" which means "art of letters," according to Wikipedia. Grammar is the set of rules by which sentences are structured; although we think of it as punctuation and spelling, it really means syntax and usage and … Continue reading The Grammar of Creation

Light’s Out!

Last Sunday was known in the American English speaking world as "Super Sunday" the day of the "Big Game." For those that don't pay attention to sports, I am talking about the Super Bowl. For over half the game, the Baltimore Ravens were outplaying the San Francisco 49ers. Now, I am a staunch Pittsburgh Steelers … Continue reading Light’s Out!

Corporate Cleromancy

To preface this post, I have to explain a little bit of my special working system.  In order to focus, whether on work, cleaning, or writing, I have to use a number system. I give different projects or tasks a number between one and ten; I have ten slips of paper with a number on … Continue reading Corporate Cleromancy

Praise of Nations

The Olympic opening ceremony is a global pep rally for the Olympic Games.  After the host nation shows off their creative display of patriotism, it’s time for what many think is the best part.  The Parade of Nations. What a spectacle!  From the pale blonds of Austria to the tall, black of Zimbabwe.  Long-legged sprinters.  … Continue reading Praise of Nations