Get In the Way

Roads are pretty spiritual things. I like maps and roads. Sometimes, I just want to get on a road and drive it to see where it ends up - especially US Highways or Interstates. I mean, just stand on an Interstate and think that it will go past a variety of landforms and through many … Continue reading Get In the Way

what MA-tters

Last year something very special happened in our family. After years of waiting, my mother finally became a grandmother when my sister and her husband gave birth to the absolute cutest and most precious baby in the entire world. Yes, I am biased. No, I am not ashamed of that fact. Unfortunately, I live several … Continue reading what MA-tters

The Old Man Who Can’t See

Ernest Hemingway is arguably one of the most popular 20th century authors. [It is my guess that he is the inspiration for those "Most Interesting Man in the World" commercials.] He was born in a nearby suburb, so my writing group headed that way one day last month. We gadded about the museum to learn … Continue reading The Old Man Who Can’t See

Natural Beauty

I have been to 48 of the 50 United States, and someday hope to add the last two (Alaska and Hawaii, as you probably guessed) eventually.  I am always so amazed and grateful at the variety of land formations, and scenery, and geography in America. I look at the beautiful mountain vistas and think "Wow! … Continue reading Natural Beauty

The Tree

Once upon a time there lived a man and his son.  They were both strong-willed and outspoken.  They often argued as the son grew into adulthood. One day, they had an argument that became a shouting match.  At the end, the son screamed that he hated his father and that he never wanted to see … Continue reading The Tree

A Heart of Gold

I was thinking that I should probably have some blog posts for the Christmas season.  After all, since I have all my Christmas shopping done, and oh wait, that was my alter ego talking.  Silly me.  It's not really Christmas shopping until you're ready to cry from frustration at all the people in the stores … Continue reading A Heart of Gold

Dance in October

Two scenes: Scene 1:  A man and woman standing in shame, holding haphazardly sewn fig leaves over their naked bodies.  Around them slithers the devil-indwelt snake listening to God pronouncing judgment on their sin.  The first prophecy God speaks is to the Devil, his voice ringing through the garden of Eden.  "And I will put … Continue reading Dance in October