Over the River and Through the Woods

US Map

The Maps versus GPS debate will continue to rage on, but in the Christian life, both are vitally important to stay on the right path.

15 Years Later

In 1998, Reader's Digest published an article "This Man Wants You Dead" and featured Osama bin Laden. As a very young teen, it frightened me to think of someone so filled with hatred he wanted people dead that he didn't even know. Then I forgot about him until being woken up on a Tuesday morning … Continue reading 15 Years Later

Semantical Clause

It's Christmastime! Which means that it's time for bloggers and tweeters and Facebook posters to make sure the world knows where they stand on Christmas terminology. So naturally I had to jump in and share my opinion about the egregious misuse of holiday phrases that I see about this time and I want to give … Continue reading Semantical Clause