Of Saints and Stadia

a colorful drawing of saints

I don't think the "cloud of witnesses" from Hebrews is talking about those in heaven looking down on us as we run our race. They're witnesses to us...not of us.

Ramblin’ Cats

Kitten in a tree

Recently, my sister's cats strayed from home. They were gone for several days and we all expected that she would never see them again. Someone suggested that she call animal control to see if the cats had been noticed. After calling, she found out that they had been found and sent to the humane society. … Continue reading Ramblin’ Cats


We are ending our four part #FoodFebruary series with Heat, the element of transformation. Some foods are cooked with low and slow heat to break down the meat’s tough fibers. Other foods are cooked quickly in high heat to brown them. Browning (heat working on the amino acids in proteins) and carmelization (the affects of … Continue reading HEAT