So, there I was, just chillin’ at a stoplight as I waited for it to turn green.  Chillin’ at traffic lights is the way to go.  If you think about how much of your life you spend wasting in the idle position, you will go stark raving mad.  A few cars up and over, I noticed a bumper sticker.  I could barely read it, but I knew what the first word said, “got…”  I knew that because I’ve seen those black and white stickers all over and they’re almost always black with white lowercase lettering saying “got milk?”

I don’t know if the milk producing people realized how viral parodying their “Got Milk?” ads would become.  I’ve seen “got booze?”  “got math?”, and you’ve probably seen others.  All those “got veggies” “got science” “got Jesus”, they’re just copycats of the real thing.   Which is how you know they’re from Satan.

Haha!  Not really.  Satan is not behind the “got Jesus” bumper sticker market.

But I did think about how Satan is a great copycat.  For one thing, Satan can’t create, so he can only take God’s ideas and twist them into something evil.  He is the head of the UNholy trinity described in Revelation, consisting of Satan, the Anti-christ, and the False Prophet (whose job is to lift up the Anti-christ).  I think, hmmm, haven’t I seen that set up before?  Oh, wait, yes.  I have!  The Father, Christ, and the Holy Spirit (who edifies Christ).

Do you remember being a child and having a sibling or friend copying what you would say. That was really annoying, and even mother’s words about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery didn’t help much.  Satan imitates, but not from a desire to be like God, to flatter God, or to be just annoying.  He’s trying to lead as many people astray as he can until Christ returns.

Until that time when Satan has no authority on earth, we should keep our eyes in the Word so we can spot his unholy imitations.  Because there is nothing like the real thing.  That real thing is Jesus.  Do you got Him?

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