Superheroes & Spiritual Warfare

"It's a bird!  It's a plane! It's Spiritual Application-Man!" Hmmm, why am I thinking that wouldn't make a very good blockbuster movie. Speaking of blockbuster movies, Yours Truly saw The Avengers a week or so ago; just using my hard-earned money to help them get to a $207 million dollar opening weekend.  Not that I … Continue reading Superheroes & Spiritual Warfare


So, there I was, just chillin' at a stoplight as I waited for it to turn green.  Chillin' at traffic lights is the way to go.  If you think about how much of your life you spend wasting in the idle position, you will go stark raving mad.  A few cars up and over, I … Continue reading Gotcha!

Dance in October

Two scenes: Scene 1:  A man and woman standing in shame, holding haphazardly sewn fig leaves over their naked bodies.  Around them slithers the devil-indwelt snake listening to God pronouncing judgment on their sin.  The first prophecy God speaks is to the Devil, his voice ringing through the garden of Eden.  "And I will put … Continue reading Dance in October