Sweating It Out

Biking.I love it. Exhausting, exhilarating, exhumable. Wait, I don't even think that's a word. Anyway, it's my favorite low impact activity.Last year, I spent a lot of time biking and one of the places to bike was a path near work. This wasn't one of those rails-to-trails paths. (You can read how I feel about … Continue reading Sweating It Out

Make Like a Tree

I like trees. When I was choosing the design for the cover of New Creation, the one with the tree stood out right away and was the front runner the whole time. Even the title of my blog is "Fruit from the Olive Tree." (notice the header image) It's National Arbor Day today, and the … Continue reading Make Like a Tree

The Exercise of Godliness

"I am going to faint." That was basically my first thought as I sat gasping for breath on the bathroom floor. I'd started a new 30-min workout regimen and got seven minutes in before nearly passing out. That's when I dragged myself into the bathroom and sat against the wall for 5 minutes. Yes, I … Continue reading The Exercise of Godliness

“Getting to know you…” PT 1

"I didn't know you played the violin." I'm not sure why this statement, said to me by acquaintances, is usually uttered in a surprised tone of voice. They could say, "You play the violin?" No. It's usually, "I didn't know you played the violin!" Well no, I didn't tell you. The subject never came up … Continue reading “Getting to know you…” PT 1

Tax, Tithe, and Treasure

Income Tax Day rapidly approaches, and I admit that I have put off doing my taxes this year longer than I should have.  Usually I finish filing by the middle of March then I just wait for the ocean of refund money to flood my bank account.   Sorry, I exaggerate.   My refunds are … Continue reading Tax, Tithe, and Treasure

Being a Mary in a Martha World

What would we think about a bride who scurries around for months perfecting every detail of her wedding -- the flowers in the bouquet, the beautiful dress, the guest list, the party favors, the type of candle for the unity candle -- but never spends time with her future groom?  And if she does spend … Continue reading Being a Mary in a Martha World