Vessels of Honor

From my perusal of social media, I see that many American Christians have decided to wage war on a big, bad company that is trying to take Christ out of Christmas. Now, this company (I think we all the know the name, but it rhymes with Schmarbux) rakes in a gajillion dollars of Christians' money the … Continue reading Vessels of Honor

Pounding Heads & Bleeding Hearts

When I have a headache, I basically become an amoeba. If I'm not at home wrapped up in bed, then there's a good chance that I'm not wasting any energy on smiling or talking or ... anything. If I am at home, then I'm lying as still as a possom in the presence of its predator. … Continue reading Pounding Heads & Bleeding Hearts

Dead Bees and Deadbeats

Dead bees. All over the hives. Not what my friend expected when he went out to check on his beehives. Since beehiving was new to him, he called the man who gave him the hives to find out what in the world had gone wrong. (Number 1 - You chose to surround yourself with bees!) The … Continue reading Dead Bees and Deadbeats

My Ordered Life

The food order is so familiar it slips off my tongue easily, "Italian beef, dipped, no peppers." In Chicago, everyone has their preferred Italian beef order, and that was mine. Oh, sometimes I might get it with mozzarella, but usually, just meat and bread. That's how I liked it, and I saw no reason to … Continue reading My Ordered Life

A Recipe for Disaster

I had the most delicious homemade hummus the other day. It was the right texture, not too creamy, but not grainy. Garlicky and salty. I'm licking my lips just thinking about it. I wish I could say that it was homemade by me, but it wasn't. A half-Lebanese girl made it. The sad part is … Continue reading A Recipe for Disaster

Baby New Year

We're a month into this new year of 2014. The old man is out and the new baby is in. I was thinking about salvation and how new spiritual life is like a new baby. So often we're told that salvation is more than just getting saved from hell. Salvation allows us to have a … Continue reading Baby New Year

Burning Muscles and Aching Heart

I had never heard of Ride for Refuge before last year, but bike riding and a chance to raise money for a good cause? Sign me up! In a fit of over-inflated self-confidence, I signed up for the 30-mile distance, the longest distance I had biked in 13 years.  (I wish these fits were rarer.) Let … Continue reading Burning Muscles and Aching Heart