Ramblin’ Cats

Recently, my sister’s cats strayed from home. They were gone for several days and we all expected that she would never see them again.

Someone suggested that she call animal control to see if the cats had been noticed. After calling, she found out that they had been found and sent to the humane society.

And there was rejoicing!

When she went to get the cats, she had to buy them back for almost $100 dollars. That’s probably more than she paid for them when she bought them.

In the Bible, God uses the metaphor of sheep when he talks about man’s desire to go astray. As my sister who happily redeemed her kittens from the humane society, God redeemed us and bought us home.

His Son’s blood was far more than we ever deserve or can ever repay.

But boy, is He ever glad to have us back.

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