The Life that Speaks

A few weeks ago, I visited the birthplace of George Washington Carver, born a slave in western Missouri. A nature walk takes you past the slave cabin close to where he was born, the spring where he drew water, the home of his owner, the path where he walked to school.

Along this walk are plaques of quotes from Carver. I should probably mention that his birthplace is a National Monument, created and maintained by the US Federal government. It’s somewhat surprising that the quotes that they chose to remember him capture the man of faith that he was. Not just an indiscriminate, vague faith in a higher being, Carver believed in God the Creator and His Son, Jesus Christ. In the plaques and other material from the Monument, this faith in God is clearly seen.

As I walked the path, it struck me: they could not tell Carver’s story without mentioning God.

I was impressed, humbled, and convicted.

Quote from George Washington Carver about service and selflessness.
Selfishness and self are at the bottom of a lot of troubles in the world. So many people fail to realize that serving God and one’s fellow man are the only worthwhile things in life. It is service that counts. — GWC 1938

The Story I Tell

One of my favorite Christian songs is “My Story” by the band Big Daddy Weave. The chorus ends with the phrase “To tell you my story is to tell of Him.”

The question lingers: if someone were to write my biography, would they be unable to write it if they had to take out my faith in Christ?

I have worked in overtly Christian organizations in the last decade. At the same time, I don’t want to just assume I’m “in the clear.” Is my faith obvious in my personal life, ambitions, hobbies, and motives? More importantly, would they tell my story because my faith in God compelled me to better the lives of those around me?

I will never change the world like George Washington Carver did, but I can still live a life that — when it is remembered — speaks clearly of Jesus Christ. May I aim to do so every day.



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