Beauty – A Responsibility

by Amy S.

The social commentators are right, our definition of beauty is skewed. But even the commentators are wrong about the definition. We can reference my dear friend and yours, Noah Webster. He give us a definition of beauty- : the quality of being physically attractive : the qualities in a person or a thing that give pleasure to the senses or the mind

“Well, duh”, you say. “Anyone could have come up with that definition.”

Do we understand the definition? Perhaps you roll your eyes at me. But look closely at the second definition. Beauty is the indirect object and a woman is the subject. But something is missing that probably only 8th graders and English majors will notice. The direct object! And this is what is commentators and self-deprecating women forget. A direct object is the receiver of the indirect object.

Beauty isn’t something that you feel or that some special person has to dig out of you. It is a powerful force that emanates from even inanimate objects. Psychologists argue that we must love ourselves and tell ourselves we are beautiful. Does a rose love itself? Does an orchid tell the mirror that it’s beautiful? Does a lily contemplate its personal accomplishments? The beauty of a woman is a creation of God, not the imagination of those she has treated kindly.

The Bible distinguishes inner and outer beauty because they are different. Beauty is not something you fight for, it is something you maintain because you already have it.

Women, with great power comes great responsibility. Your beauty is a great power. You mustn’t use it carelessly or improperly. This is why modesty is a high priority. An immodest woman is like a cocked and loaded gun, damage can occur so easily. Stop listening to Satan’s lies that you aren’t beautiful. Beauty is a great responsibility. Take responsibility for what you have been given.

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