Light to Our Path

“You know that you have a headlight out,” my brother stated, pointing to my car’s left headlight.

Relief flooded me. For months, I hated driving in the dark because I was beginning to deal with early-onset night vision problems. My depth perception at night was out of whack and it was difficult to know where the road was when there were cars coming at me in the other lane. I just kind of accepted it because no one had told me that I was missing a very important part of my car!

I had the headlight changed within the week and I could have nearly cried with happiness when I tried it out that night and I could see the road! Naturally, it made me think of the verse “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” (Ps. 119:105 KJV)

I believe that God did not just gift us with one headlight as we journey through the world’s darkness. He has given us two. Together, the New Testament and the Old Testament illuminate the majesty of God and His plan for the world.

Without one of these covenants, law or grace, we have perception problems – of God and ourselves. If we only have the Old Testament, we’re faced with the overwhelming burden and requirements of the law that is fulfilled in the Person of Jesus in the New Testament. Conversely, if we only have the New Testament, Jesus enters the scene in Matthew as the Savior of sin that made its entrance back in Genesis. Seeing Jesus as the ultimate and perfect sacrifice is heightened by the reading and study of the Old Testament sacrificial system.

I’m actually doing my devotions in the Old Testament, and I have to admit that when I started, I felt like I should feel guilty for studying the Old Testament. As if that’s a bad thing! (Hint: It’s not a bad thing.) All Scripture is profitable. (II Timothy 3:16)

See, if I have a self-focus, which, let’s be honest, I do. We all do. If I focus only on myself, the Old Testament seems unnecessary. Why study a system that is no longer applicable? But the Bible isn’t about us. It’s not always about the rules we follow, it’s about the Person we serve. And by studying both testaments, we get the more complete picture of God in His justice and grace. Also, the symbolism about Christ is brilliant!

We’re on the narrow way already, let’s at least make sure we’re keeping it well lit.

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