This Little Girl is Not Made of Sugar

Going to the doctor is a bit unnerving, no matter for what reason you go.   I’m usually driving home later in the deep mists of introspection.  After a recent visit, I compared/contrasted my conversation with the doctor and certain conversations I’ve had with the Great Physician.

My doctor gave me a list of things I shouldn’t eat.  (Thankfully, beef was not on the list.)  But a lot of other delicious things are.  Mostly things made of sugar and corn syrup.  I was a little bummed at first.  Really?  No Dr. Pepper?  Ever?  That’s my drink!

God, you don’t want me to ever worry again?  But I’m a worrier.  I can’t help it!

Then the doctor spoke words which I honestly never thought I’d hear.

“You’ve been blessed with good genetics and you’re very healthy.”

“I’ve called you My own and given you the righteousness of my Son, Jesus Christ.  Through Him you are justified and holy.”

The Doc’s words completely disarmed me.  I thought that I was a medical mess and would probably end up having fallen apart at age 30 or be in a medical textbook under “Unsolvable Medical Problems” or something like that.  In that case, eating and drinking the wrong things became an excuse to die young before my body gave out from something (in my case, probably laziness).  Hearing that I’m healthy gave me a new perspective.  I don’t have to sabotage my physical body.

Neither do I need to sabotage my immortal soul.  I’m a Child of God, for goodness’s sake.  I’m no longer in bondage to sin.  I don’t need to worry, get angry, lust, lie, or be unloving or unkind.  Instead, I excuse those with the caveat “Human nature.  Can’t help it.”  Or the more insidious lie.  “It’s my personality that I’m like this.”  How sadly wrong.

God gave me a body and I need to take care of it for however many years He gives me life to serve.  He also gave me a soul and spirit, and I need to protect them from the sweet temptations of the wicked one.

The Great Physician is watching.

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