To Write the Love of God

Today I am celebrating the five-year anniversary of my first book being published! Writing has been my most important source of finding spiritual applications, so I thought I'd share just a few that I've learned throughout my five years since I've been published and the eleven years I've been writing. In no particular order... People that bought … Continue reading To Write the Love of God

Satan: over millions in bridges sold!

Sometimes I hate being a writer. Okay, sometimes I hate being a writer that attempts to be realistic. Some background -- I set a series of stories in a fictitious town in a very real American state. Because multiple stories trace the history and people of the town, it becomes a character as well. Therefore, I can't just … Continue reading Satan: over millions in bridges sold!

The Grammar of Creation

It are National Grammar Day! (see what I did there?) The word "Grammar" is derived from the Greek "grammatikē technē" which means "art of letters," according to Wikipedia. Grammar is the set of rules by which sentences are structured; although we think of it as punctuation and spelling, it really means syntax and usage and … Continue reading The Grammar of Creation

Garden of the God

I wonder if God put Adam in the Garden to tend it because gardening, landscaping, and working with plants is one of the best ways to come up with spiritual applications for things. Gardening isn't something I enjoy.  Just put down grass and spray weedkiller and that's my idea of a landscaping.  Although tulips are … Continue reading Garden of the God