Truly, Worthy, Deeply – Part 1

Violins in a symphony orchestra

One of the world's greatest pianists spent nearly half a decade immersing himself in the Master's music. Would that we would have such dedication immersing ourselves in the Master's Word.

Satan: over millions in bridges sold!

Sometimes I hate being a writer. Okay, sometimes I hate being a writer that attempts to be realistic. Some background -- I set a series of stories in a fictitious town in a very real American state. Because multiple stories trace the history and people of the town, it becomes a character as well. Therefore, I can't just … Continue reading Satan: over millions in bridges sold!

Lies of the Dear Leader

Have you ever seen a documentary on North Korea? I was watching one at a friend's house. It was eye-opening. Especially the part about the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). At documentary time, the North Koreans were still broadcasting propaganda over the border to South Korea. According to Wikipedia, they stopped these broadcasts 9 years ago. Anyway, … Continue reading Lies of the Dear Leader