Let Men Their Songs Employ

Christmas Day rapidly approaches. What is Christmas really about? Today, I gathered with a few co-workers who took a few minutes from their day to sing Christmas carols, accompanied by a Cajón drum and a guitar.  I had only stopped by to see what was going on and decided to stay as I found that … Continue reading Let Men Their Songs Employ

Carol of the Silver Jingle Bells

Hark, the herald angels sing, "How great our joy to the world.  For unto us a Child is born once in Royal David's city.  He came upon a midnight clear while shepherds watched their flocks on a silent night, o holy night." "What child is this away in a manger, Angels We Have Heard on … Continue reading Carol of the Silver Jingle Bells

All the World to Me

A picture is worth 1,000 words.  As a writer who does not have very good photography skills, I usually end up looking at photos I've taken and couldn't tell you in 1,000 words what I was trying to get a picture of. This photo of my grandfather and me, however, could very well be worth … Continue reading All the World to Me