Black and White and Red All Over – Pt 1

Maybe this was the work that was to be displayed in this man's life. Showing that the Person who had created the first man with clay was using clay to heal a man's eyes.

The Pleasure of Speed

Running Away. "I don't run." "If you see me running, something is chasing me." "Some people just aren't made for running." I've thought these things. I've said these things. I believed those things. Every time I did, I lost a part of my identity. Running Back to Where I Belong One day, I was pondering some … Continue reading The Pleasure of Speed

The Grammar of Creation

It are National Grammar Day! (see what I did there?) The word "Grammar" is derived from the Greek "grammatikē technē" which means "art of letters," according to Wikipedia. Grammar is the set of rules by which sentences are structured; although we think of it as punctuation and spelling, it really means syntax and usage and … Continue reading The Grammar of Creation

Natural Beauty

I have been to 48 of the 50 United States, and someday hope to add the last two (Alaska and Hawaii, as you probably guessed) eventually.  I am always so amazed and grateful at the variety of land formations, and scenery, and geography in America. I look at the beautiful mountain vistas and think "Wow! … Continue reading Natural Beauty