Sanctification on a Schwinn

My aunt and I used to go biking a lot. We've biked back country gravel roads and paved suburban pathways, hilly river terrain and flat farmland byways.  We've biked until our legs couldn't even hold us up when we got off the bike to rest.  (When we first started biking, that point was after a … Continue reading Sanctification on a Schwinn

Natural Beauty

I have been to 48 of the 50 United States, and someday hope to add the last two (Alaska and Hawaii, as you probably guessed) eventually.  I am always so amazed and grateful at the variety of land formations, and scenery, and geography in America. I look at the beautiful mountain vistas and think "Wow! … Continue reading Natural Beauty

Seasonal Thoughts Part 1

Last week, in the throws of an anthropomorphic fit, I gave personalities to the months of the year. January: cold-hearted February: schizophrenic March: bipolar April: melancholy That's as far as I got for now, but I'll finish the rest of them as the year goes on.  Anyway, it got me to thinking about spring.  After … Continue reading Seasonal Thoughts Part 1

Beautiful Deception

A small amount of falling snow had accumulated as I drove home from work a few nights ago.  At one point, my eye caught the snow as little wisps danced across the pavement in a distinctly serpentine fashion, back and forth the snow weaved, leaving delicate flakes behind in its wake. After a few seconds, … Continue reading Beautiful Deception

A Matter of Life and Death

I enjoy autumn.  I've decided that I enjoy it as much as I do spring.  I think it is how they enter the year.  Spring melts into summer, much like fall glides into winter.  With spring and fall though, there's that snap, that noticeable change.  That moment when you walk outside and say, "It's spring!"  … Continue reading A Matter of Life and Death