It Happened One Night

I still remember that horrifying day in December of 2008. I spent the evening in my room, typing away on a fictional story that I absolutely loved.  In fact, of the 69 stories on my computer, this one quickly became a favorite.  I enjoyed the characters; I thought the plot flowed.  I was either just … Continue reading It Happened One Night

A Binary Thinker in a Colorful World

I thought I should write this short post as an explanation to those that may read my blog and think "that's seems a little dogmatic for her to say." The reply to the statement that my posts are dogmatic would be "of course."  The only shades of gray I see are black and white.  I … Continue reading A Binary Thinker in a Colorful World

Careful, or you’ll end up in my novel.

What do I do for fun?  I write. It took me several months before I would admit that to people when they asked what my hobby was.  I don't know why I was so shy about my favorite past-time.  (What will they think if I admit I like to write?  Have they heard of this … Continue reading Careful, or you’ll end up in my novel.

A New Creation

An amazing thing happened today.   The fulfillment of a lifelong -- no wait, make that four-year old dream.  My book, the one I authored, has been published.  I opened up the link the publisher sent me and there it sat, ready to be added to a curious browser's shopping cart.   The most thrilling part to … Continue reading A New Creation