Football and Family Snuggles

Let me start out by saying that football is my favorite sport.  I didn't grow up watching it though.  My dad was not a football-watching father.  If he had been things might have been different in my life.  For one thing, I probably would have ended up as a Chicago Bears fan instead of a … Continue reading Football and Family Snuggles

Dance in October

Two scenes: Scene 1:  A man and woman standing in shame, holding haphazardly sewn fig leaves over their naked bodies.  Around them slithers the devil-indwelt snake listening to God pronouncing judgment on their sin.  The first prophecy God speaks is to the Devil, his voice ringing through the garden of Eden.  "And I will put … Continue reading Dance in October

Ecclesiastes for the Gridiron

I like sports because it provides a microcosm of human nature from which to draw spiritual or personal applications. On the way home from church today, I listened to ESPN radio as they analyzed football teams and it got me thinking about two teams with very similar colors (red and yellow/gold) but very different seasons. … Continue reading Ecclesiastes for the Gridiron