Pounding Heads & Bleeding Hearts

When I have a headache, I basically become an amoeba. If I'm not at home wrapped up in bed, then there's a good chance that I'm not wasting any energy on smiling or talking or ... anything. If I am at home, then I'm lying as still as a possom in the presence of its predator. … Continue reading Pounding Heads & Bleeding Hearts

Feather in our Caps

America is celebrating her 239th birthday this weekend, and, like most nations, it didn't have a smooth birth. We had to fight for our freedom against the greatest western army of the time. This English were well-equipped and well-trained. The colonists were not. To the British, the colonists were ignoble and common and a British surgeon named Schuckburg … Continue reading Feather in our Caps

Praise of Nations

The Olympic opening ceremony is a global pep rally for the Olympic Games.  After the host nation shows off their creative display of patriotism, it’s time for what many think is the best part.  The Parade of Nations. What a spectacle!  From the pale blonds of Austria to the tall, black of Zimbabwe.  Long-legged sprinters.  … Continue reading Praise of Nations

Sauron and Satan

Although I have been transparent to my blog readers that I don’t have a favorite movie, I do have movies that I greatly enjoy watching.  Like Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings story. If you haven’t seen it, shame on you!  Go watch it and then come back and read this.  (Spoiler Alert: good guys win). … Continue reading Sauron and Satan

Breakfast of Champions

They called her Wheaties. When she served in volleyball, the ball would rocket past the opponents' court.  Her volleyball coaches told her, "Control the power!" When she played tennis, she would fire the bright yellow sphere onto the asphalt behind the white line that marked "in."  "Placement over power!" the tennis teacher would say with … Continue reading Breakfast of Champions